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Poly Carpet Dashcover   Plush Velour Dashcover     Heavy Duty Tweed

                                                                        Truck Bench Seatcover


 2-Tone Neo Supreme    The Shade retractable         Silver Shield

        Seatcovers                     Sunshade


Soft Foss Fibre® carpet won't fray or unravel

Custom made to fit each dashboard

Hook & loop fasteners included for easy, secure installation

All vent and sensor openings pre-cut (or marked depending on options)

Cuts hazardous windshield glare

Protects the dash from sun damages, helping to stop cracking and warping

Made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle punch carpet

Limited Lifetime Warranty



One of our more popular materials. These seat covers are made of a textured polyester/nylon that is water repellant. They are easy to clean. Just use a damp rag. These highly durable seat covers are perfect for work, pets, and kids!

The same ultra soft real leather look and feel as Sof-Touch, but perforated for an exceptionally luxurious look.

Neo-Supreme has the look of Neoprene without the downs of neoprene; high UV colorfast, will not fade as fast as neoprene, and does not have the strong odor of rubber. These seat covers are great for Jeeps and other off road vehicles, especially if you can take off the top to your vehicle.


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Custom Fit Genuine Leather Car Seat Covers and Truck Seat Covers

Classy comfort, luxurious feel describes our genuine cowhide leather seat covers. Made from the softest, finest foam-backed leather in the seating areas including bolsters on seat back and bottom with non-seating surround areas in exact-match synthetic leather. Easy care and clean with leather/vinyl cleaner-conditioner makes our leather covers look new again and last for many years.


Custom Fit Neoprene Car Seat Covers and Truck Seat Covers

Made from the highest quality Chloroprene Rubber (CR) available. This is the same material that wetsuits are made from. Covers are currently available with Black outboard colors and a wide selection of insert colors as shown in the following pictures.